Maps-For-Free Relief in Google Earth

This KML network link displays a map overlay for Maps-For-Free Relief ( in Google Earth.

For some information on how it works, please see the main page and the FAQ.

To get started, simply download maps-for-free-relief-overlay-for-google-earth.kmz (please log in first, see here why) and open it in Google Earth. Or checkout all 2 World Maps map overlays on this site.

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Jozef Sedlar (2015-09-16 19:44:20):

This is a great overlay, except for the water bodies (e.g. Caspian Sea, but also lakes, rivers etc). On the maps-for-free website, one can add the 'Water' overlay. Is it possible to introduce it to this KML too? It would contribute greatly.

Marco Uliana (2015-11-10 07:42:55):

Hello, this map is great... I have been serching for somthing similar for long time.
And I also hope to see soon the "water bodies" overlay. Is this going to happen?... thanks, Marco

James Hollingsworth (2016-03-17 11:52:37):

It would be very useful if there was an option to overlay the elevation key.

Tony Swiecicki (2017-09-23 16:27:10):

Did you ever get a method of adding "water/rivers" as an overlay

brandones (2019-01-06 23:33:07):

Google Earth is prompting me for a login to when I try and open this.

Ludvin Estuardo Esquite (2019-02-18 22:38:23):


Pena Papua (2021-12-14 18:08:59):

Wow Good

David Pickering (2024-04-04 07:08:13):

Where is the KMZ, KML? I have an older one that has stopped working and the page you eventually find now needs a log on. No way! Spam alert. It was a hard struggle to get corp to whitelist the http address the older KMZ/KML it linked to. Why do these devs use http? And why change /update something that worked? Ifs not as if the link it went to requires money, its the US Gov. http is as old as Adam. Get with it devs.

adam (2024-05-29 21:49:51):

You gotta login to the site

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