Thunderforest in Google Earth

This KML file displays map tiles from in Google Earth. The Thunderforest platform is a project of Andy Allen, a major contributor to OpenStreetMap and the creator of OpenCycleMap. It hosts multiple beautiful map styles and provides commercial map services.

To get started, have a look at the main page and the FAQ to see how it works. Then either

Currently (version 10), there are 3 overlays related to Thunderforest:

Thunderforest Outdoors
Thunderforest Landscape
Thunderforest Transport

Do you have comments, bug reports, or suggestions for other map sources? Please leave them below.

Andre Odore (2015-12-21 03:53:48):

I am a real newbie with Google Earth.My interest lies in doing a contour map for a farm property to assist in the design of the farm..can anyone give me some advice on how to do this?

Nick (2017-12-18 03:40:03):

Is there a way to remove the API key required by thunderforest? I have signed up and paid for their services, but cannot figure out how to insert the proper address into the .kmz file.


Total New (2019-02-20 20:33:43):

Did you sort this out? I've got the same problem!

Richard Patton (2019-08-08 23:14:52):

I had a similar issue with another *.kmz provider. It has to do with a licensing issue between them and Google. From what I understand dealing with Google with issues like is almost like dealing with DMV

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