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This KML network link displays a map overlay for Google Maps Road ( in Google Earth.

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To get started, simply download google-maps-road-overlay-for-google-earth.kmz (please log in first, see here why) and open it in Google Earth. Or checkout all 3 Google Maps map overlays on this site.

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Mateusz Lawrynowicz (2012-06-26 08:33:12):

Hello, I want to show my google earth paths over a map (not bothered whether it's a google, bing or other map really). I need it for navigation/wayfinding over an area 5 by 5 km and google earth's standard satelite imagery hasn't got enough road names and numbers displayed, or shows names of minor roads and not the main ones. I've downloaded four different overlays and they all show maps very nicely. However, when I activate any of them, my pins remain displayed correctly on the map, but it seems my paths are obscured by the overlay. Any ideas on how oto show paths over the overlay? I can upload a print screen to explain my problem if necessary. Thanks for any help.

Martin Loetzsch (2012-06-26 08:59:55):

Hi Mateusz,

that might have to do with either
- altitude settings (
- or the order of layers (try moving the map overlay links further up in you my-places folder)

Hope that helps, Martin

Mike (2013-05-08 21:32:39):

Open of file "/Users/.../Desktop/google-maps-road-layer-for-google-earth.kmz" failed: Error while parsing file "/Users/.../Desktop/google-maps-road-layer-for-google-earth.kmz" at line 1, column 121:

Unexpected element "html"

Martin Loetzsch (2013-05-08 21:34:54):

Can you open the kmz file in a text editor and tell me what's in there?

Mike (2013-05-08 22:30:49):

Here is the beginning ...

<html><head><title>Google Earth Map Overlays</title><meta content="Road and terrain maps, alternative satellite images in Google Earth via KML network link" name="description"/><link href="http://ge-map-overlays.apps..." type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"/>

KyleRees (2014-02-12 18:06:24):

This is a great tool, thanks! One question though, is it a link to google maps info, or it is simply an image? I am just worried about outdated information on the overlay, such as retailers etc.

Think I answered myself by zooming in..... so nvm. =P

Martin Loetzsch (2014-02-12 19:05:39):

Good. Whatever the question was, I didn't understand it :)

Martin Loetzsch (2014-02-12 19:06:11):

See http://ge-map-overlays.apps...

Dr John C Bullas (2015-11-25 19:13:10):

Hi - I would like to know how to create a tour in google earth pro that follows the yellow road lines visible on the streetview display.... is there a way to do this?

I simply want to generate a video tour between two junctions of the M25 - i have the basics of the process but can't seem how to produce a fly throgh between two places I have added

Many thanks

Dr B

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