Google Maps in Google Earth

This is a KML network link that can display map tiles from Google Maps as overlays in Google Earth.

To get started, have a look at the main page and the FAQ to see how it works. Then either

Currently (version 10), there are 4 overlays related to Google Maps:

Google Maps Road
Google Maps Terrain
Google Maps China
Google Maps Korea

Do you have comments, bug reports, or suggestions for other map sources? Please leave them below.

Phil Welten (2013-04-03 05:48:00):

This does not work - the terrain ovelay is just a black image - what happened to the old overlays that worked

richard suttill (2013-06-03 04:10:05):

Hi Phil I am getting the same result - although sometimes when I start Map overlays I manage to get one or two tiles of terrain to load. Hopefully this is a bug that the adminstrator will solve shortly

Bobcat665 (2013-06-22 23:04:19):

This still isn't working... I has a sad. :(

Martin Loetzsch (2013-09-27 11:31:49):

Works again :)

Martin Loetzsch (2013-09-27 11:32:24):

I did have some time to fix things so it works again now.

Diana Barradas (2013-11-21 13:33:13):

Hello guys,

I tried using this on Google Earth and wanted to save an image with the best resolution possible of the roads but when I try it says that Google Earth is trying to save the image and doesn't go more than 0%. So my question is can I still save an image using this overlays?


Marisa Gary (2014-06-04 14:17:43):

Is there a reason I can't see my polygons once I load the street map? I need my overlay on top of the street map but can't seem to get it to show through.

Martin Loetzsch (2014-06-04 14:50:47):

yes there is. Please have a look at http://ge-map-overlays.apps...

Swift Ryan (2015-01-17 17:01:44):

works but you have to cache the overlay first

FYU (2015-02-07 03:35:40):

Fuck you and your adblock message. I'll block ads on this site if I want, and I can disable your div message to. Hah!

Martin Loetzsch (2015-02-13 19:48:53):

What a great hacker you are!

Trisnoadi Wikantoro (2015-03-08 01:48:34):

Thank you, it works perfectly

schoolgirl (2015-03-22 20:20:53):

Hi there, do you have any suggestions for where I can find map overlays for Mars? I have a project about Mars and need overlays such as eluvations, rock type, mass movement etc.

Martin Loetzsch (2015-03-23 13:03:59):

No idea. The underlying geometry used at this site is pretty earth-specific:

steveanonymous (2016-09-20 19:57:03):

I'd like to see an improvement in the imaging of areas on the moon in Google Moon View. Some areas appear to have been deliberately smudged out, and the resolution is in the order of kilometers instead of yards or feet.

Kari Hofmann (2018-01-17 19:53:16):

Kilometers is what the majority of the world uses...the rest of the world does not need to conform to us in the US. This is why we have the reputation of being asshats.

Darryl Kinslow (2019-01-23 19:38:42):

You posted that like you though this was Google or something.I'm pretty sure this is an independent page offering only this overlay, not a suggestions page for Google Earth or Google Maps. I'd be more concerned with getting blurred out areas on Google Earth cleared up first before Google Moon or Google Mars where Earth actually has things to see in those blurred areas. Of course there are blurred out areas, all the photos aren't from the same sources or satellites or cameras, most of the photos are pre-1990 satellite photos, there aren't so many HD or 4k photos for you to see good detail. Even then, the high resolution ones are from very far away and are still not good enough to see ground detail, just large stuff like craters, mountains and valleys. Certainly they didn't use any of Nasas photos that show structures and whatnot. So basically you're asking for higher resolution so you can look at nothing. I'd rather higher resolution pictures of ancient sites and whatnot on Earth.

Ricardo Borges (2020-12-26 20:47:17):

I wish you could also provide Google Hybrid. Thank you for your work.

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